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Swim Sessions

Dog in a pool
woman and dog on floating pool chair

We offer Individual lessons with a swim instructor, allowing your dog to become comfortable in the pool, gain confidence, and increase their motivation to swim. We work on toy retrieval and positive reinforcement.

Dogs swimming with life jackets

Jump on In!

Have you ever witnessed a dog joyfully jumping into a lake or swimming pool after a tennis ball? Nestled in the heart of Oswego, Illinois, our daycare and boarding facility stands out as a haven for our four-legged friends. What sets us apart from the rest is the latest addition to our facility – an inground pool. As the only boarding facility to offer such an amenity, we take pride in providing our canine guests a refreshing and entertaining experience.  Sure – your dog gets exercise by running, playing fetch, or walking, but dogs enjoy variety just like we do! With up to 5 dogs per group, participating dogs are sure to make some aquatic friends! Each dog will be sure to get the attention they deserve.

Of course, with water, safety comes first. Surrounded by a secure and spacious enclosure, our guests are supervised during all pool hours, and appropriate rest times are provided. The Pet’s Home provides life jackets at no additional cost; toys will be provided for fetching. As a safety precaution, we ask that dogs’ nails be trimmed before swimming. (We do offer nail trimming at our spa!).


Although swimming is genuinely a lot of fun for your dog, it also holds many health benefits. The in-ground pool serves as a vibrant social hub, promoting social interactions and bonding among our canine guests.  Swimming is excellent exercise and can be as beneficial as walking regularly. Ten minutes of swimming can be as exerting as a 40-minute walk. Pool play can improve their cardiovascular health, breathing, immune system, metabolism, and circulation (which helps to keep a dog’s skin and coat healthy.) It decreases inflammation, stress, pain, stiffness, and arthritis and improves mobility. It’s a fantastic way to keep your dogs in shape, help with weight loss and mobility issues, and even help speed up recovery from surgeries where no impact exercise is required. Swimming helps not only physically but mentally as well. As said before, swimming is a great way to decrease stress in your dog. It can also help mentally stimulate your dog, improving your dog’s overall mood. The concentration necessary during swimming keeps your dog’s mind active, reducing the destructive behaviors that can coincide with boredom. For our portly pets, swimming has been proven to help dogs lose that extra weight and strengthen muscles.

Exclusive to Oswego

Being the only boarding facility in Oswego with an in-ground pool gives us a unique edge in providing an unparalleled experience for our clients. As word spreads about this exciting addition to our facility, we anticipate becoming a destination of choice for dog owners seeking premium care and recreation for their pets. In conclusion, our in-ground pool is not just a feature; it’s a testament to our commitment to providing exceptional care and experiences for our canine guests. From health benefits to socialization opportunities, the pool adds a splash of joy to our facility, making it the go-to destination for dog owners in Oswego. As we continue to innovate and enhance our offerings, the in-ground pool stands as a symbol of our dedication to the well-being and happiness of our four-legged friends.

Questions and Concerns

Why must my dog’s nails be trimmed?

We ask that you trim your dog’s nails to keep our instructors safe and protect our pool liner. Don’t have the time to trim your dog’s nails? That’s okay! We offer nail trimmings at our spa!

My dog has never been swimming before.

That is perfectly okay! Lifeguards will be on duty during all pool hours. Our kennel helpers will bein the pool with our aquatic guests, ensuring they are always safe! Your dog will NEVER be left alone. Life jackets will be provided at no extra cost. Safety is our number one priority!

Can you dry off my dog?

Your dog will be towel-dried after swim sessions. Blow-outs are also available.

Do you offer lessons?

Yes! While some dogs are more naturally inclined towards swimming, those that are not can learn to have confidence in the water when it’s taught with loving, patient care. If your dog is apprehensive about entering the water, we slowly acclimate them to the water and offer treats, praise, and affection to get the desired result.

Dog running outside with a toy Dog running outside with a toy

Pick up and drop off

We also offer you pet pick-up and drop-off services for busy parents, saving you time and adding convenience.

Pet Taxi – Call 815-254-1166


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