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If Not Your Home…The Pet’s Home!


Monday-Friday: 7 AM-6 PM
Saturday: 9 AM-5 PM
Sunday: Closed to pick-up and drop-off

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Boarding Experience

In the heart of Oswego, Illinois, we take pride in presenting our exceptional 5000-square-foot boarding facility, meticulously designed to replicate the warmth and comfort of a three-bedroom home. Our mission is to make The Pet’s Home a second home for your dog.  Going beyond the conventional kennel setting, our innovative approach focuses on providing pets with a cozy, home-like environment during their stay. In this comprehensive exploration, we delve into the unique features that set our boarding facility apart, creating a haven where pets can thrive and feel truly at home. Whether a puppy, a senior citizen, or a dog with special needs, we can accommodate them all!

Design Concept

The core philosophy behind our boarding facility is to offer pets a setting that mirrors the familiarity and security of a residence. Inspired by the layout of a three-bedroom home, our 5000-square-foot facility is designed with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring that pets experience a comfortable and stress-free environment.

Upon entering our facility, guests are welcomed into a spacious living area where pets can socialize, play, and relax. The homely ambiance extends to three distinct bedrooms, each equipped with comfortable bedding and personalized spaces for individual or multi-pet accommodations. Sleep areas are determined by who your dog gets along with and how comfortable they are with other dogs. The layout emphasizes the creation of a home-like atmosphere, complete with communal areas for group activities and cozy corners for solitude.

Pet daycare space that feels like a living room

Home-Like Comfort

Unlike traditional kennels that can feel cold and impersonal, our boarding facility embraces a homely aesthetic, incorporating furniture, decor, and amenities that reflect the coziness of a residential space. Pets are not confined to sterile cages but are free to move about in an environment that encourages relaxation and a sense of belonging.

The bedrooms are thoughtfully designed to accommodate the varying needs and preferences of pets. From ample sunlight filtering through large windows to soft bedding for a good night’s sleep, every element is chosen to enhance the overall well-being of our guests. The facility is equipped with climate control to ensure a comfortable temperature year-round, and soothing background music creates a calming ambiance.

Spacious Play Areas

Understanding the importance of physical activity for pets, our facility includes spacious play areas both indoors and outdoors. Dogs can enjoy supervised playtime, engaging in activities that stimulate both their bodies and minds. Our trained staff ensures a safe and enjoyable environment, monitoring interactions to guarantee the well-being of all guests. Boarding includes up to 8 hours of daycare at no additional cost.

The outdoor play area, securely fenced for the safety of pets, provides an opportunity for dogs to bask in the fresh air and engage in activities that promote physical exercise. With nine separate yards and our exclusive inground pool, there is plenty of space to play. Indoors, the play area is equipped with toys and designated spaces for various activities, catering to the diverse needs and energy levels of our guests.

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Personalized Care Plans

Recognizing that each pet is unique, our facility offers personalized care plans tailored to the specific requirements of individual guests. Whether a pet has dietary restrictions, medical needs, or simply prefers a certain type of play, our staff takes the time to understand these nuances and create a customized experience.

Owners can communicate their pet’s routine, preferences, and any specific instructions to ensure a seamless transition and a positive boarding experience. This personalized approach contributes to the overall well-being and happiness of our guests, fostering a sense of security and trust.

Community Engagement

In addition to offering an exceptional boarding experience, our facility aims to create a sense of community among pet owners. Regular updates, photos, and videos of pets engaged in activities are shared with owners, keeping them connected and informed about their furry friends’ experiences.

We organize events and social gatherings, inviting pet owners to visit our facility and participate in activities with their pets. From our Halloween Treat Trail, Photos with Santa, or our Valentine’s Day Kissing Booth, we love to celebrate with our four-legged guests.  This engagement fosters a community of like-minded individuals who share a passion for the well-being of their animals.

Two dogs laying in a dog bed


Our 5000 square foot boarding facility in Oswego, Illinois, stands as a testament to our unwavering commitment to providing pets with a home away from home. By blending innovative design, personalized care, and a community-oriented approach, we have created a unique haven where pets can thrive in a warm and comfortable environment.

From the carefully crafted layout inspired by a three-bedroom home to the spacious play areas, every aspect of our facility is designed with the well-being of pets in mind. Our professional staff and personalized care plans further contribute to the exceptional boarding experience we offer.

At our facility, we believe in providing more than just a place for pets to stay; we strive to create a nurturing and enriching environment that allows them to flourish. As we continue to set new standards in pet boarding, we invite you to entrust your furry friends to our care, where they will be treated with the love, attention, and comfort they deserve.

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Pick up and drop off

We also offer you pet pick-up and drop-off services for busy parents, saving you time and adding convenience.

Pet Taxi – Call 815-254-1166

Dog Sitting

As an alternative to dog boarding, we also offer in-home pet sitting services so you can rest assured as you travel that your pets are cared for in their own home.

We serve pets and owners in the Oswego, Naperville, Aurora, Plainfield, Bolingbrook, Joliet, Shorewood, and nearby areas.

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