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Let’s Make Friends!


Monday-Friday: 7 AM-6 PM
Saturday: 9 AM-5 PM
Sunday: Closed

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The Daycare Experience

We all wish to give our pets the constant care and attention they deserve, but that is not always possible when life gets in the way. That’s where The Pet’s Home Daycare program comes in. All breeds are welcome into our facility; we provide each dog with love, care, comfort, and the right mix of human and dog interaction that provides mental stimulation and encourages socialization. Dogs are social animals that benefit from regular interaction with other dogs. Left home alone, dogs can develop a sedentary lifestyle. Like us, dogs benefit from more activity and less lying around bored. As we know, a bored dog can sometimes find themselves getting into trouble while you are not home. A new experience such as Daycare can be overwhelming for dogs unfamiliar with the daycare atmosphere, so we make sure to go slow and help them get out of their fluffy shell! If needed, we start with shorter play sessions, increasing up to longer sessions, closely monitored by our trained staff. Once they’re comfortable, each dog is separated by size and temperament. We have multiple rooms and yards for fun, safe, mentally stimulating socialization. Special attention is paid to making sure they’re with dogs they get along with. We love to see our guests become the best of friends!

Health and Safety

Our daycare guests experience supervised interactions with other dogs in their respective groups. Each room is cleaned daily with pet-safe cleaners, ensuring your dog doesn’t get sick on our watch. A trained staff member will attend to any medical needs; in the rare case of emergencies, both you and your vet will be notified promptly. We have pet CPR kits in each room for emergencies; someone always watches over your dogs. Exercise is an essential aspect of your dog’s health. At The Pets Home, our programs are designed to improve your dog’s quality of life in a fun, safe and nurturing environment. Your best friend will be ready to relax at your feet after spending a fun-packed day at our facility! With nine segregated yards, plenty of space exists for safe, fun socialization. Beds are available in each of our rooms for rest. Any aggression to other dogs or humans is not tolerated; timeouts are given if needed. We track your dog’s progress and keep you informed through daily reports. We are also careful not to overstimulate any of our guests. Our handlers watch everyone they are assigned to ensure their unique needs are met. We take pride in making this a fun, safe place for your dog to spend the day. Your dog’s care is our number one priority!

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What to Expect in Daycare

The rooms have plenty of space for your pup’s playtime! If tired, there are plenty of mattresses for a quick dog nap and snuggly blankets to cuddle up in!

We have plenty of toys for your dogs to play with… and our outside areas provide kiddie pools and sprinklers for your dogs to splash! Speaking of splashing, our in-ground pool is open during the Summer months for group and individual swim sessions. Your dog has to experience one of our crazy foam parties!

What We Need From You

  1. We ask that you complete a profile for you and your dog(s) on our Gingr scheduling system. (Link will be sent upon acceptance)
  2. Dog Vaccines must be up to date (listed on Gingr)
  3. We ask that you retain your leashes at drop-off.
  4. Please bring any medication your dog needs to take during daycare hours. Our trained staff will administer medications.
  5. Providing lunch is optional! Please proportion food and place it in individually marked bags or containers.
  6. Warm smiles!
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Pick up and drop off

We also offer you pet pick-up and drop-off services for busy parents, saving you time and adding convenience.

Pet Taxi – Call 815-254-1166

Dog Sitting

As an alternative to dog boarding, we also offer in-home pet sitting services so you can rest assured as you travel that your pets are cared for in their own home.

We serve pets and owners in the Oswego, Naperville, Aurora, Plainfield, Bolingbrook, Joliet, Shorewood, and nearby areas.

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