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Oswego (IL) Dog Boarding & Daycare

Having served Oswego since 1991, we know what a special place it is, as well has how much it’s continued to grow. We’re especially familiar with the village’s many wonderful dogs and dog owners.

Whether it’s for hours or for weeks, when you must be away from your dog, you want to know your pet is relaxed and cared for in a safe, healthy, positive atmosphere. The Pets’ Home provides Oswego clients and their dogs with premium pet-care services.

Different from standard kennels, our Oswego dog boarding and daycare facility resembles a three-bedroom home where the guest (your pet) sleeps in a snug bed and an attendant stays overnight on the premises as well. (Crates are available only upon request.)

With a true love for animals, we give your Oswego dog the attention and affection that helps it have fun and be relaxed until with excitement it sees you return.

Pets' Home Building

Experiencing Our Dog Boarding & Daycare

Our distinctive 5,000 sq. ft. facility differs notably from conventional kennels by replicating the feeling of home for your dog. With communal areas, three bedrooms, big spaces for play and cozy corners for solitude, it provides your pet with a haven where they can rest, eat, sleep and exercise throughout its time with us.

It also doesn’t matter if your Oswego dog is a puppy, a senior or one with special needs – we serve them all!

Our daycare dogs enjoy their time with us for 4 to 8 hours. Oswego guests that are boarding at The Pets’ Home receive up to 8 hours of daycare at no extra expense.

Two dogs outside

Ample Ways to Play

Because dogs are social, they benefit from regular play with other dogs. At The Pets’ Home, we recognize the importance of this activity, so we include supervised playtime in expansive areas both indoors and outdoors.

The fenced outdoor area gives your Oswego dog plenty of chances to dash through the fresh air and engage in different forms of exercise. The outdoor area features nine separate and segregated yards plus Oswego’s only inground pool for dogs. Our guests also love it when we bring out our commercial-grade foam machine for foam parties!

The indoor play area satisfies different dogs’ range of needs and energy levels by offering them diverse toys and designated spaces for activities.

Our attentive team monitors the play areas to ensure your dog’s safety and fun. If your dog is visiting us for the first time, daycare can initially seem overwhelming, so we also approach your dog with sensitive care in helping it adapt. If needed, we’ll start with shorter playtime sessions and then increase to longer ones.

As the dogs in our daycare become more comfortable, they are separated by size and temperament. We keep a close eye on making sure they’re with dogs they like. Seeing guests become good friends is one of the best parts of our job!

Homey Surroundings

Our Oswego dog boarding facility incorporates residential furniture, decor and amenities to create a domestic aesthetic. Your pet won’t be confined to sterile cages – rather, it will be free to roam in relaxation with an increasing sense of belonging.

Each cozy bedroom has personalized spaces for individual or multi-pet lodging. As with playtime, your pet’s sleep area also will be determined by its comfort with other dogs. From the sun spilling in through large windows to soft, snug bedding for a deep sleep, each bedroom’s details support the well-being of our boarding guests.

We also include climate control and soothing background music to help our guests feel even more at ease.

Personalized Care Plan

We recognize your dog is one of a kind, so in welcoming you and your pet we establish personalized care plans for your specific dog. Whether your pet has diet restrictions, medical needs or preferred forms of play, we attend to its needs and nuances.

We also encourage open sharing of any information you know will be important for your dog’s well-being in your absence, such as its routine, likes and dislikes. We really do want to make sure your dog enjoys a smooth transition to dog boarding and daycare.

Trained and Prepared Personnel

Our devotion to your dog includes how we choose and develop our team members.

The Pets’ Home dog boarding and daycare personnel are trained to be ready for what your pet may need during its stay with us. From administering medication to giving loving attention, we provide positive focus and care in a calming environment for your dog.

The Oswego facility is also equipped with state-of-the-art surveillance for greater pet monitoring and security. While our team members are supervising the facility’s different areas, our surveillance system further allows us to keep a wide, watchful eye on our guests for thorough safety (as well as your peace of mind).

In addition, your dog will not be left alone or without supervision, including at night if your dog is boarding with us. A team member stays overnight with your dog in the facility, and should a rare concern or emergency arise at night, we will know just what to do.

In-home pet care

Connecting Owners

Beyond creating a special boarding and daycare experience, we promote community among Oswego dog owners by sharing regular updates, photos and videos of their pets enjoying activities with one another.

We also love celebrating with our four-legged guests and their owners throughout the year. From our Halloween Treat Trail to Photos with Santa to our Valentine’s Day Kissing Booth, Oswego dogs and their owners have fun opportunities to visit our facility and participate in creative activities.

Safety & Health

Keeping dogs healthy during our watch is important to us, so we clean each room daily with pet-safe cleaners. Should there be an uncommon emergency, we will attend to your dog and notify you and your vet right away. Each room includes a pet CPR kit as well.

Exercise contributes to your dog’s good health too, so we make sure your best friend will be ready to relax at your feet after a play-packed day. We also will track your pet’s progress while you’re away and update you with daily reports.

Start Planning

If you know your dog will need care in your absence soon, you can begin arranging for its comfort and safety right now. Simply complete a profile for you and your dog(s) on our Gingr scheduling system. We’ll send you a link upon acceptance.

(Note that your pet must be current with the vaccines listed in the scheduling system. Please also bring any medication your dog will need during daycare hours.)

Fun Facts

  • An estimated 65 million U.S. households own a dog.
  • As of 2024, the five most popular dog breeds in Illinois are Lab Retriever, German Shepherd, Goldendoodle, Golden Retriever and American Pit Bull Terrier.
  • Dogs’ noses are much like human fingerprints: No two are the same.
  • According to canine researcher and author Stanley Coren, dogs have the intelligence of a two-year-old child, meaning they can understand certain words and even trick people or other dogs to give it treats. Border collies are considered among the smartest dog breeds.
Dog running outside with a toy Dog running outside with a toy

Contact Us Today

As your Oswego neighbors creating new standards in dog boarding and daycare, we welcome the opportunity to love and nurture your special dog whenever you need support. Just give us a call at (815) 254-1166!

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