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Boarding & Daycare Shorewood (IL) Dogs

Dog owners in Shorewood know there are times they’ll be away and they can’t bring their best friend with them. It might be for hours during a workday or a week on vacation.

If you are one of those dog owners, you want to know your beloved pet is safe, relaxed and cared for in a healthy, playful, positive atmosphere.

A departure from conventional kennels, The Pets’ Home is a 5,000 sq. ft. dog boarding and daycare facility that replicates the comfort and warmth of a three-bedroom home. We put great thought and detail into creating accommodations that will establish a cozy, home-like environment that frees your dog – our guest – to focus on the fun it is having.

Our boarding and daycare facility for Shorewood dogs suits puppies, seniors and special-needs pets alike – they all are welcome here!

Pets' Home Building

Their Experience

As people who love dogs, we know there’s nothing better for a dog than having a safe and fun place to rest, play, eat and sleep until it sees its owner again with excitement.

Whether you’re away for a short period or longer, your Shorewood dog will benefit from our daycare’s comforts. If your dog will be with us for just part of a day, your pet can enjoy from 4 to 8 hours of our daycare. Dog boarding guests receive up to 8 hours of daycare for no additional fee.

Our boarding for Shorewood dogs incorporates domestic furniture, decor and amenities to help your dog feel at ease within a calming and familiar atmosphere. Your dog is not confined to a cage but rather free to roam with a sense of choice and inclusion. Our layout includes both communal areas for group activities and cozy corners for solitude.

The sunny bedrooms include personalized spaces for single- or multi-pet lodging. Your pet will also be able to have its sleep area determined by how it gets along with other dogs. Our dog boarding and daycare for Shorewood dogs further offers climate control and soothing background music for even greater relaxation.

Personalized Care Plan

At The Pets’ Home, we really do understand your pet is unlike any other, which is why we offer care plans customized specifically for your dog. Your dog’s special plan might address dietary or medical instructions and preferred ways to play – whatever your dog’s needs and nuances are, we will attend to them!

Because we give such close attention to your dog, please be sure to let us know everything we should about your pet, such a routine it follows and any likes or dislikes. The connection among you, your dog and our team also includes updates on your pet’s progress through daily reports.

three dogs swimming in a pool

Lots of Space to Play

Dogs are social, so play and interaction with other dogs they like will contribute to their well-being while in daycare or boarding. Our expansive indoor and outdoor play areas provide lots of room and opportunity for fun and frequent activity.

With nine separate, segregated yards and a special inground pool, the fenced outdoor area lets your dog run freely and engage different ways to exercise. We also monitor all play areas to ensure your dog’s comfort and safety.

The indoor play area includes toys and designated spaces for activities that satisfy the diversity of dogs’ needs and energy levels. Many of our guests also get really excited when we roll out our commercial-grade foam machine for foam parties!

Staff Prepared for Your Pet

The Pets’ Home team members undergo rigorous training so they will always be ready for what your dog may require during its stay. From providing medication it needs to showering it with loving attention, we are watchful, responsive and nurturing in caring for your best friend.

We further support your dog’s peace and security with surveillance systems that let us monitor our guests to ensure they are interacting well together. A team member always sleeps overnight at the boarding facility to be there for the dogs as well.


The last thing you and your dog want is for it to get sick. We take great care to prevent illness by cleaning each facility room daily with pet-safe cleaners.

Should your dog become sick, or if it has special medical needs, we will carefully attend to your pet. In the event of a rare emergency, we also will notify you and your vet right away. Each room includes a pet CPR kit as well.

Plus, with all of the exercise that your pet gets, your dog will be maintaining its health in your absence. When you come to pick up your best friend, there’s a good chance it will be joyfully worn out and ready to relax at your feet!

Community Connection

Just as much as we love taking care of dogs, we enjoy creating community among pet owners. We frequently share updates, photos and videos of pets involved in activities with their owners.

You can also look forward to chances to participate with your pet in fun, creative social events such as our Halloween Treat Trail, Photos with Santa and Valentine’s Day Kissing Booth celebrations!

Let’s Get Started!

If you need safe and loving care for your dog soon, simply complete a profile. We’ll send you a link upon acceptance. (Please note all pets must be current with the vaccines listed in the scheduling system. Please also bring any medication your dog will need during daycare hours.)

To further discuss our dog boarding and daycare for Shorewood customers, just give us a call at (815) 254-1166!

Fun Dog Facts

The part of a dog’s brain that governs smell is 40 times larger than ours. Their noses also have millions more scent receptors than ours do, allowing dogs to smell thousands of times better than we can.

For example, where a human nose averages five million receptors, a Dachshund’s nose has 125 million. This characteristic enables dogs to locate through smell what we never could. They can even detect the presence of cancer and other diseases from a distance.

Dogs have a hearing range 10 times greater than ours as well. However, their sense of taste is much less developed: They have about one sixth (1,700) of the taste buds we do (about 9,000). Combined with evolutionary instincts from their ancestors’ time scavenging in the wild, dogs’ lesser sense of taste is what allows them to be much less discriminating in what they will eat.

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